Monday, July 20, 2009

201/365's Rachel's Ghetto Cruiser! Our streak of very bad luck continues...first it was Shelby's car, then the water heater, then Tom's brakes, then the fridge, now my car. We went to the Mall of America Saturday and when we got back (in plenty of time to do my pic of the day) my hatch hinge broke when I tried to close it after retrieving all of our mall loot. The hatch was literally hanging there (and boy was it heavy). Tom and I spent the next 30 minutes trying to figure out how to get it to close so we could get to the dealer to get it fixed (which is why my Sat pic never got posted!). Anyway, we had to duct tape it (at the dealers suggestion) so it wouldn't fall off and kill someone on the highway. Thankfully we made it and my hatch should be just like new tomorrow. I swear, if something else goes wrong I'm abandoning the house and cars and pitching a tent up north in the middle of nowhere...but with our luck the tent will rip!

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  1. Nice tape job! Don't pitch that tent too far up north - it gets cold up there, you know!