Wednesday, October 21, 2009


We are BIG into Halloween and everything creepy, scary and ghostly at our house...Tom quietly hides on me so he can scare the crap out of me every chance he gets (and I get him back once in awhile), I hide creepy doll heads in unsuspecting places, we stay up late watching ghost tales on the Sci Fi channel...we all love it, well, all but Sebastian...he HATES Halloween (claims he's not even trick-or-treating this year). So, to make him more comfortable sleeping alone, we've recruited the protection of the mean and dangerous Bellatrix (Trixie for short). She keeps watch over him every night now and he LOVES it! (Still HATES Halloween though...)

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  1. Was that kid switched at birth with some other family's kid? I think you should have his DNA checked out!!