Friday, October 23, 2009


I apologize in advance because this post is going to be one big whiny's raining and snowing AGAIN in this Godforsaken state in which I live. I'm already planning a "warm winter getaway" because I have a feeling we're in for one B*TCH of a winter. I think we've had 2 whole days in October with no snow or rain. I think my SADS is kicking in already and I have 5 more months of this not only will we have to take our normal spring break vacation to somewhere warm and sunny but I'm going to start planning a January trip as well! It's so miserable here that Sebastian doesn't even want to buy a halloween costume, he's dead-set on not going trick-or-treating...and as far as the "haunted graveyard" in the front yard goes...NOT going to happen. The ground is probably too frozen to stake anything up. Thank God Tom bought me this chocolate bar, I'm going to curl up in my PJ's by the fireplace and try to keep my extremities from freezing off while munching on this little goodie! Can't even take a decent picture because there hasn't been any damn sunlight in WEEKS! (SIGH)...ok, I'm done.


  1. Guess I'll quit whining about the Colorado weather; we at least got a short break. But I agree, I think we're in for a rough winter, too.

  2. Did the chocolate help? If I'm moving my family to MN I don't want it to be THAT bad!