Tuesday, February 3, 2009


Don't let Bantha's sad eyes fool you, he really is a happy doggy! Tom and I think back often to that day in May, 2007 when we drove for an hour to Owatonna to rescue the little 65 lb puppy that was so badly abused and malnourished that we weren't sure if we would ever get him to come around. We also wonder what would have happened to him if we hadn't rescued him. He's still a little on the thin side, weighing in at a whopping 96 lbs but he can't seem to gain anymore weight despite the 6 cups of food he inhales daily. He's still very leary of most humans but he puts on a good show with his deep baritone bark and menacing growl. He's usually pretty successful in scaring the pants off most visitors by his size alone...little do they know that he would run like a scared little mouse if they came within 3 feet of him. He's standing here staring at me now as I type...I get the feeling he's not very thrilled with me putting a picture of him on my blog!

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