Monday, February 23, 2009


I have to admit, I'm quickly losing interest in this whole project 365...maybe if we could go outdoors in this God forsaken tundra we live in I could have a little more variety in my daily subjects and be a little more inspired than I seem to be lately. We're back down to 7 degrees (and I'm cussing as I type this) and the extended forcast isn't promising AT ALL. Six more weeks of winter my you-know-what...more like three more months, freakin' Minnesota! Anyway, since there isn't anything else to do besides sit indoors with 4 pairs of socks and 6 sweaters on this is a picture of my latest project. I'm trying to think of creative ways to display pictures for Shelby's upcoming graduation party instead of the usual boring foam core full of random pictures. I'm making a book of all 18 birthdays (although the 18th won't come until after graduation) minus birthday #3 since there doesn't seem to be a picture of that party in existence.

PG asked about the results of our family oscar party picks: Dad got 17, I got 12, 16 year old got 11, 17 year old got 10, and 7 year old got 9. After I saw how dad was crushing everyone I decided that the loot would go to the winner among the kids. I guess if you picked anything Slumdog Millionaire was nominated for you were good to go!

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